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columbian boa
Columbian Boas
columbian rainbow boa
Columbian Rainbow Boas
brazilian rainbow boa
Brazilian Rainbow Boas
ball python
Ball Pythons
gila monster
Gila Monsters







 Satisfaction Guaranteed

“Went to a Cleveland reptile show looking for a snake for my daughter, and John was the first guy I talked to. I drilled him with questions and he had no problem talking to me for about 25 minutes. I went ahead and purchased a mystic ball python from him. Great guy, very professional. Highly recommend and will return when I’m ready for one of his boas!”

 – Johnny Meyers

“I’ve known John for quite a few years. He produces some amazing animals, and I’m glad I’m lucky enough to have a few in my personal collection. Top notch animals and great person to deal with.”

 – Pat Carson

“I have bought several boas from John and have had nothing but luck and beautiful looking animals as they get older. Great guy to talk with as he is willing to explain your questions out to you so you can understand. Have also recommended him to other friends.” 

 – James Redding